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Imagine the embarrassment of having to notify your clients and vendors that, because of you, their information may now also be in the hands of cybercriminals; paying pricey emergency IT fees while your operations are halted or severely limited for days or weeks, data loss, lost clients, potential lawsuits or government fines for violating data-breach laws. Your bank account drained, with no bank protection.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Your Data. Secured

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Our Pen Testing Methodology


Confidentiality and Onboarding

Prior to the commencement of testing, Telco United Cyber and your company will meticulously outline the scope of service delivery for the penetration test and execute the Confidentiality Agreement. In this phase, both teams validate crucial details, including organizational infrastructure, domains, servers, devices with IP addresses, and any exclusions.

Execute Penetration Testing

Our penetration testing service initiates with a simulated attack, with the objective of uncovering vulnerabilities and known weak points in the evaluated system. This comprehensive examination enables us to pinpoint potential threats to your data. The results are documented in a vulnerability assessment, provided in PDF format.



Get Actionable Remediation

The team assembles and consolidates all gathered information, presenting you with an initial report. This report offers practical remediation guidance designed for business leaders and IT teams, enabling them to address critical risks effectively and make informed decisions regarding the overall security of the system.

Retest for Validation of Fixes

Once the initial report has been assessed by the IT and InfoSec teams along with their stakeholders, and the suggested remediation actions have been carried out, we will proceed with a reevaluation of all identified vulnerabilities. This retest aims to verify the effectiveness of the remediation efforts. Subsequently, a fresh penetration test will be conducted to generate the conclusive penetration testing report. This revised report will clearly indicate either a secure system or specify the patched and unpatched status for each identified issue.


Why perform Pen Testing?

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