Telco United Cyber gave 2 Million Pen Testing grant to Cyber Umbrella

Telco United Cyber awarded 2 Million Pen Testing grant to Cyber Umbrella

Telco United Cyber Joins Forces in the Fight Against Cyber Threats, Awarded $2 Millison Pen Testing Grant

In a significant move to fortify American businesses against the escalating threat of cyber attacks, Cyber Umbrella, a leading nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting cybersecurity, has been awarded a substantial grant of $2 million. This generous grant, provided by Telco United Cyber, will empower Cyber Umbrella to offer free Cyber Security Penetration tests to businesses across the nation, enhancing their defenses against potential cyber threats.
As technology continues to play a pivotal role in business operations, the risk of cyber threats has surged. Cyber Umbrella aims to confront this challenge head-on by offering complimentary security tests to businesses. With the newfound grant, the organization is poised to extend its services to an additional 2000 businesses, covering up to 5 computers per business.
Michael Benson, the founder of Cyber Umbrella, emphasized the urgency of testing businesses promptly in the face of the rising technological landscape and the malevolent activities of cybercriminals. “The man in the middle attack is just one example of the many threats businesses face,” stated Benson. “It’s time for businesses to be proactive in securing their networks and protecting their customers.”
The release of the Netflix movie “Leave the World Behind” underscores the potential catastrophic consequences of a cyber-attack, portraying a scenario where all devices in America go down in a single day due to a cyber-attack. This serves as a stark reminder of the importance of cybersecurity in our increasingly interconnected world.
Telco United, a prominent Wyoming-based firm with a growing Cyber Security division, has pledged a $2 million grant to support Cyber Umbrella in its mission. Recognizing the urgent need for enhanced cybersecurity measures, Telco United Cyber aims to bolster organizations dedicated to educating businesses and defending against cyber threats.

Businesses keen on fortifying their cybersecurity can easily apply for the Cyber Security Penetration test grants by visiting the Cyber Umbrella website at . The application process is quick and straightforward, enabling businesses to take a proactive step towards safeguarding their systems and data.

The Role of Cyber Umbrella

Cyber Umbrella envisions itself as a modern-day Paul Revere, warning businesses about impending cyber threats. Their message is clear: The cyber attack is coming, and it’s crucial for businesses to be prepared.
In collaboration with Telco United Cyber, Cyber Umbrella is set to make a substantial impact in fortifying American businesses against the looming threat of cyber attacks. As businesses face an ever-evolving digital landscape, the joint effort seeks to empower them with the tools and knowledge needed to navigate the complex realm of cybersecurity.